Friday, 20 February 2009

Flower School Catherine Muller : Decoration for Baccarat in Hotel Four Season's Georges V, in Paris

A few weeks ago , we had the pleasure to be in charge of the decoration of a table for Baccarat, at the occasion of a salon inside Hotel Four Season's Georges V in Paris. It was so nice to decorate such a beautiful place ! The tableware on the table was so refined ! Everybody from the flower school Catherine Muller was really excited ! !

We had to build a decoration adapted to the style of Baccarat's tableware and glassware on the table. Catherine Muller has selected very precious flowers in the Paris flower market of Rungis : beautiful paphyopedilum, roses Avalanche, viburnum and ferns.

The floral designer Catherine Muller explained this to all students : One of the difficulties of this floral creation is to create a garden style atmosphere, something very natural, on a very precious, bright and luxurious table. Moreover, the floral arrangement has to be remarkable, but not too much invasive on the table : the flowers are just here to finalize the beauty of the table and not to take the leading role.

Deeper on this special salon called "Les coulisses du mariage" where you can find some of the most prestigious providers for the weddings in France, Catherine Muller had her own stand. The floral designer Catherine Muller decorated her stand with a totally different style, something more graphical.

She explained that she likes to keep a certain harmony of the whole salon's floral decoration, that's why the two creations are linked : same essential colors, and a few reminders in the selection of some of the flowers. The stand's arrangement was a kind of reflection of the first one, with a fresh work on transparency inside the water and in the air.

for Catherine Muller.

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