Friday, 25 June 2010

Wedding floral decoration at the famous parisian restaurant: Le Pré Catelan

A few days ago, Catherine Muller and her team invested the very famous gourmet restaurant: Le Pré Catelan, located all beside Paris, in order to prepare the decoration of a wedding there. Requiring much work, the bases of the decoration were prepared the day before at the flowershop BOURGEON (BOURGEON is the flowershop of the Catherine Muller Flower School in Paris). Flower arrangements being very precise, the most open flowers were used for the bases, while knowing pertinently that they would be replaced on the following day by the most beautiful flowers of Paris.
Catherine Muller teached especially some of her students, in order to prepare them take part in this true decoration.

The request of the bride was the following one: decoration must be sophisticated while remaining natural, restrained, modern and especially, single.
Thus, the Catherine Muller’s team with some of the excellent students of the Catherine Muller Flower School created a set of table center in shade of chlorophyllian green and white (arum (for the modernity), peonies, orchids, hydrangeas…) It was very interesting to see how Catherine Muller selects her flowers for which are most beautiful flowers of Paris, it them selected almost one by one.

As for buffets, the idea was the same one: it was not necessary that not returned either too much « wild » or too sophisticated but natural and single. In her flower school in Paris, Catherine Muller showed us how to cover the vases with sheets of Aralia. And like Catherine Muller teaches in her courses, it is important to observe the sheet on both sides because sometimes, the back of the sheet is the most interesting. In that case precisely, the sheets were placed at back in the order to take out again the veins for a best result.

In the romantic and imposing spirit of the wedding, two Medicis vases were decorated by Catherine Muller and one of her students who is currently in reconversion of florist.

While part of the team was on the reception part, two other people of flower school Catherine Muller worked on the splendid Bentley GT of the grooms in order to carry out something of refined and discreet.

Balustrades, being inside room of reception, have been adorned of flowers, most beautiful the ones as the others. Catherine Muller occupied with one of her pupil, who is at the end of her formation of florist.

Catherine Muller supervised the decoration of the external sunshade, thus creating a summery environment or even exotic.

Lastly, the floral designer Catherine Muller decorated the groom’s armchair herself, respectively giving them a male character (more graphic, more purified), and a female character (more refined, more in roundness and romanticism).

Finally, it was just great for all of the team members and very developing for the students, to see the results of their work as well as the recognition of the organizers of the marriage and of Catherine Muller.

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